What Mistakes Do You Think Candidates Make While Preparing for Government Exams?

What Mistakes Do You Think Candidates Make While Preparing for Government Exams?

Securing an estimable government job in India is the dream of lakhs of youngsters. Fat salary, allowances, perks and post retirement benefits are some of the captivating reasons that persuade every other youngster to grab a government job. However, securing a government job is not a five finger exercise. You need to sail through phases of the written exam then qualify the personal interview round. The way you prepare for the exam decides your fate. So, make sure you are using some effective ways to prepare for the exam. Be very careful and shun those mistakes that can drift you away from your goals. We mentioned some common mistakes in this article that can be made by you while preparing for the exam. So, read this article keenly and avoid making mistakes mentioned here. 

Indian graduates generally prepare for SBI PO/Clerk, SSC CGL and IBPS PO/Clerk exam. If you are preparing for any of these exams, then we can help you prepare properly for the exam. It is quite obvious that you’ll make some mistakes while preparing for the exam. Nevertheless, it is very important to avoid these mistakes. If you are a novice to government exam preparation, then get to know some mistakes every candidate makes while preparing for the exam. Well, go through the points jotted below. Start your exam preparation after reading this article. 

Here are some common mistakes every candidate makes while preparing for government exams:

We understand that you would like to prepare perfectly for the upcoming government exams. You can do that. But, eschew some mistakes while preparing for the exam. Go through the following points to know those mistakes and avoid making them. 

1. Relying on someone else

Many candidates rely on others to assist and inspire them for the exam. It may include parents, instructors, friends, and mentors. They believe they require the assistance of someone else to keep them disciplined and focused for the exam preparations. Thus, they are unable to do so without their assistance. A candidate must realise that studying motivation must originate from inside, and that no external factor can motivate them to succeed until they have it. Therefore, it is essential to have a burning desire within yourself to study for the exam. This is how you can crack the exam in a single go. 

2. Not giving equal importance to every section 

Do you think mastering one or two subjects is enough to clear the exam? If yes, then sadly you are completely wrong here. It is essential to give equal importance to every section of the exam. When you ace every section of the exam, it can become easy for you to score high marks in the exam. So, make a timetable in such a way that you study for every section of the exam. You can easily solve maximum questions in the exam and crack the exam with flying colours. 

3. Inadequate revision 

A comprehensive revision is the most critical component of any exam preparation. Studying or reviewing a topic only once does not guarantee that you will remember it for the rest of your life. However, you may ensure that a topic is permanently etched in your memory by revising it on a frequent basis. Candidates can use a three-tier revision system to ensure that they don’t forget anything they’ve learned. Also, you can spare at least an hour at the end of a day to go through important topics of the exam. This is how you can retain concepts for a long time. As a result, you may not need to make extra efforts to recall concepts while attempting the exam. 

4. Leaving tough topics for the end

It is never a good idea to leave crucial topics to the last few days before an exam, assuming that studying for it a few days before the exam would help you remember it. As a result, you will have little time to review the fundamental aspect, causing more harm than good. Instead, you can choose to prepare for the tough topics in the beginning. This way you’ll get sufficient time to understand and retain the topics of the exam. However, you can choose to leave easy topics for the end. 

5. Not enough practice 

A majority of candidates focus on completing the exam syllabus. They hardly focus on practicing questions. Always remember, you won’t be asked direct questions in the government exams. The questions will be twisted and tricky. So, make sure you devote enough time for practicing questions as well. Do you know the best way to practice enough questions? Simply, by solving mock tests. These are practice papers that are made in accordance with the actual exam syllabus and pattern. Thus, solving enough mock tests can raise your chances of cracking the exam in a single go. 

6. Ignoring accuracy 

Because the majority of government exams include negative marking, candidates must carefully answer the questions. Although trying 100% of the paper is a wonderful habit to have, it is not recommended when negative marking is in effect. In this situation, candidates must improve their accuracy in order to provide accurate answers. Practicing additional mock tests and sample papers can help you optimize your accuracy.

Furthermore, some candidates have a habit of marking answers blindly. Note that the examination hall is not a perfect place to test your luck. Only your hard work can help you crack the exam. So, mark the answer only when you are confident about its accuracy. 

7. No self study 

No doubt, joining a coaching institute is a great move to get an edge in government exams. But, you can’t ignore self study. It is highly important to dedicate adequate hours for self study. During self study you can easily retain concepts you studied in a coaching institute. Also, you can choose to memorize important topics during a self study session. So, for which exam are you preparing? If it’s the SSC exam, then start looking for an institute that can provide the best SSC Coaching in Chandigarh. But, don’t forget to do enough self study. 


For sure, most of the candidates appear in the government exam with the intention to crack it. You can easily crack the exam only when you prepare well for it. So, make sure you are not making any mistakes while preparing for the exam. See the aforementioned points and make sure you will not make these mistakes.


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