How To Save Money at Costco in Canada?

How To Save Money at Costco in Canada?

Shopping has become our guilty pleasure. At times, we try to reduce our shopping and daily necessities, like groceries in order to cut down our expenses. While it is good to save money on shopping, it shouldn’t cost you a compromised lifestyle. 

Luckily, there are various ways to save money on your grocery shopping without compromising anything. Be it cashback, flyers, weekly ads, or online discounts, and you can save a lot more than usual. Almost all stores, especially Costco, introduce various discounts and Costco flyers every week and every month for their consumers to purchase the genuine product at less price. 

Ways to save money: 

Suppose you search for ways to save money while visiting Costco in Canada; keep reading further. Below we have shared a few sure shot tips and tricks that can save your hard-earned money most efficiently. 

1. Shop on a weekday morning or between Tuesdays & Thursdays:

It might sound exciting or new to you, but yes shopping early morning and especially between Tuesdays and Thursdays can give you great deals. As peak timings like early morning and afternoon have fewer visitors, you can purchase easily and even beg a few deals on your purchasing amount. You can check out products placed on tables, as they are usually discounted products. 

2. Refer to weekly ads or active flyers:

Yes, referring to live flyers and weekly ads can provide you with a handful of deals, combos, and even offers you must not have seen before. Usually, Costco introduces active flyers in Canada to clear their oil stock and provide heavy discounts like – buy one get one free, 50-60 % discounts, etc. 

3. Visit their application or website. 

Even if you choose to purchase groceries online, you can get cash backs, welcome coupons, and even additional discounts while paying through online gateways. Plus, if you are signing up for the first time, you will get value-added deals and coupons that are specially personalized for you. However, those coupons and vouchers will have an expiry date, so look for the instructions and details. 

4. Buying in bulk:

If you try to purchase your essentials in bulk, you might get various other offers on bulk buying mentioned on their latest Costco flyer. Therefore, it is suggested to aces the monthly consumption and purchase essential products for your breakfasts and dinners. 

5. Eat before you shop:

This might surprise you, but yes, filling your tummy before shopping can save you from unnecessary purchases. For example, as you feel hungry, you might purchase big packs of food that you are craving at present, but you might not require them in the future. 

6. Redeem reward points:

While every purchase, you will get certain reward points redeemed on your future purchase. This will benefit you in the current bill and create a cycle of incoming reward points. But to attain the most out of reward points, we recommend you not utilize your reward points unless or until it has not touched 95,000 points, which will allow you to redeem a minimum of 50,000 points in the future and give you a much better value of every point. 


Hopefully, this article is informative and guided you regarding various hacks of saving money with Costco. However, it is recommended to consider the guide given above before investing your hard money each month, which is still lacking from your list.


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