How To Perform A Self Hypnosis Through Guided Programs

How To Perform A Self Hypnosis Through Guided Programs

Hypnosis has been performed for ages to help one relieve everyday stress and tension. Self-hypnosis emerged from the practice of hypnosis, which is now practiced by most Americans, from young adults to the elderly. This state of self-relaxation offers numerous spiritual benefits, such as improving sleep quality and enhancing mood.

Moreover, one may not have noticed, but people often enter a “hypnotic trance” many times a day. One can experience this when the person is completely engrossed in something, paying little to no heed to external disturbances.

However, to bring your complete focus and energy to a particular task, one needs to develop this skill through daily self-hypnosis practice.

Guided self-hypnosis is a newly developed self-realization technique widely used by yogic or spiritual practitioners. They help you get the most out of your daily practice by guiding you through the whole session.

You can find the best self hypnosis mp3 based on your problems ranging from phobias and addictions to various health conditions and insomnia. Keep reading to know how to enter this hypnosis state through guided hypnotherapy programs to make your practice more effective.

How To Hypnotize Yourself Through Guided Recordings

You won’t find any book or guide stating the exact, universal, and scientifically approved method to perform a self-hypnosis. However, there are certain general steps that you can follow to ensure you are correctly practicing your hypnosis while listening to a guided self-hypnosis audio recording. Here are some standard steps you can follow while self-hypnotizing:

Get Yourself In A Comfortable Position:

To experience the ultimate pleasure and relaxation through this technique, get your earphones or headphones on and in a relaxed and comfortable position before starting the practice. Find yourself a sweet and serene spot and eliminate any disturbances. You may also like to dress up in comfy clothes like pajamas or a night dress.

Set Up The Objective:

Your hypnosis practice must be goal-oriented to achieve the best results. The aim could be anything like getting rid of addictions or fears, developing a positive self-image, or improving one’s mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help by offering guided programs with the best self hypnosis mp3 to overcome any problems mentioned earlier. Your goals should be in alignment with the hypnotherapy program you choose. Hit the play button once you are in a completely relaxed state.

Relax And Concentrate On The Objective:

The next step is to completely relax your body and throw away any negative thoughts from your mind. Once you feel relaxed, bring your focus to a single spot near eye level while slowly closing your eyes. Breathe rhythmically, concentrating on every breath. Take a deep inhale slowly through your nose and exhale it slowly through your mouth. Close your eyes gently and keep repeating the deep breathing practice. Emerge yourselves within the sounds of the guided self-hypnosis audio recording. Focus on every little chirp and every splashing wave coming from your device. And while doing so, keep reminding yourselves of the objective of this practice.

Imagine Happy Thoughts:

Once you are breathing rhythmically, visualize some happy thoughts or memories you have experienced. Enjoy every moment of the imagery, exploring its various aspects and effects on your mind and soul. Through the guided recordings, follow those sounds and imagine those beautiful things in front of your eyes. By this moment, you must feel completely engrossed in your practice. Try to ignore any disturbances or interrupting thoughts that may occur during the hypnosis.

Come Out Of The Trance:

You can stay in the self-hypnotized state for as long as you wish. The deeper you go into the practice, the greater the results will be. After imagining your goals and happy moments, slowly bring your focus back to the present. Take your body from the hypnotic state back to the surrounding environment. Listen to the voice from the audio and keep breathing deeply. You should be able to come back from the trance through the guided recording. If not, count backward from 10 to 1 if you find it challenging to come out of the state. And gently open your eyes.

Self-hypnosis can be performed anywhere with the help of an audio recording to guide you on this beautiful practice of self-realization. All you need is a peaceful and quiet place, your body, enrollment in a hypnotherapy program, and the intention to get yourself out of your problems and improve your life quality.

The Bottom Line

Self-hypnosis is an impressive strategy to boost the overall health and well-being of your mind, body, and soul. This technique is very safe to perform on oneself and has the potential to increase one’s self-esteem, poise, assertiveness, and cool-headedness. Making a habit of listening to guided self-hypnosis every day can significantly improve your overall mood throughout the day. Listening to these guided recordings can help you overcome any fear, eliminate addictions, and improve the overall quality of your life.


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