How to Decide on Roofing in Newcastle

How to Decide on Roofing in Newcastle

When you decide on choosing a roof for your new or existing home, looks does matter but there are other features of the roof which also needs to be considered. It does not matter if you are building the house or if you are choosing a totally new roof for your existing home you need to make sure that the materials which are used to build the roof is of good quality.

Roofing Requirements

There are a lot of materials available in the market for roofing such as asphalt, shingles, wood, concrete and tiles. Style of a roof is important but the production cost, weight of the materials and requirement of installation affects the roofing. The roof shape is totally dependent on the choice you make about the roof’s shape, materials you use, color and costs of the material. Here are some pointers you need to know for deciding what kind of roofing would be better for you.

  • Looks: If you have a design in your mind for your roof, it makes many decisions easier for you. It simplifies the process. You should design your roof’s appearance so that it fits the house. Let’s take an example if you want a hip roof it will only fit a federation era design of the house. However, if you choose a Mediterranean style design you might have to opt for a flat or a terracotta roof. Colors should be used in such a way that for highlighting it enhances the feature of the roof. Light colors for the feature you want to disguise and dark ones when you want to highlight the feature of the roof. Make sure you don’t forget the factor that dark colors absorb the heat from the sun and the light colors does help in reflecting it.
  • Roofing Materials: As you are aware that there are a lot of options in the market now a days for roofing options. You will find that many materials are expensive. However, you should not forget the benefits of the expensive materials for roofing are for a long time and outweigh the costs says
  1. Asphalt: Most commonly used materials for roofing. One of the least expensive materials which does not require much of a skill to install.
  2. Wood: One of the most classic choices for home owners for centuries. It is still considered as a good roofing material. Approximate life span is about 25 years but is a bit expensive.
  3. Tile and Cement: Expensive and durable material but is very heavy.
  4. Slate: Considered the most durable among all the materials used for roofing. However, it is one of the most expensive materials to be used.

Climate Condition and Regulations: If you are planning to build a house make sure you check if there are any regulations which are related to roofing. For example, a home built in an area which is prone to bush fire or cyclone need to have certain features added to their roofs. To help the house and the people living in it safe.


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