Guide to a Building Inspection Checklist

Guide to a Building Inspection Checklist

Are you thinking of buying a commercial property to accommodate some of your business operations? If you really are, then you need to understand everything about commercial building inspection. When you talk about a building inspection, it generally signifies a procedure that is aimed at identifying the present condition of the structure along with the possible cost of repairing any damages in the property. It is important for you to understand that a commercial building inspection is quite similar to a general home inspection. However, the former is more detailed and will cover every facet of the property in question.

What Do You Mean By Commercial Building Inspections?

As discussed above, a commercial building inspection is targeted at assessing the commercial building or property to find out about the current physical condition of the building. Summerton Building Inspection will check each and every corner of the building and try and identify the condition of the building and its components. He will also try and ascertain the cost involved to make the necessary repairs.

If the seller of the property seems to be asking an exceptionally high price for the property, you may use the report of the building inspection to negotiate with him. If he fails to reduce the price of the property, you may ask him to get the repairs done before you take over the property from him. The professional building inspector will conduct a detailed inspection of the property and give you a detailed report of the defects with the building once he is done with the inspection.

Inclusions of a Building Inspection

When it comes to inspecting a commercial building, the professional inspector has to consider various factors during the process. Depending upon the number of systems contained within a commercial property, these building inspections may take a long time to complete. However, for the professional it is very important to include every factor during the inspection process. This is because missing out a single factor may lead to extensive damages and huge cost repairs in the future.

If these structural damages take place after you have completely setup your business in the newly acquired property, then you may have to close down temporarily while the repair work goes on. This will result in a waste of time and money which you could have easily spent somewhere else. Thus, before you hire a professional building inspector, better find out what these inspections will include.

Important Elements of a Building Inspection

There are several main elements of a commercial building inspection program. Some of these are discussed below.

  • Heating and plumbing systems
  • Various site characteristics such as utilities, landscaping, and paving
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Structural frame condition
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Structural frame condition
  • Surface of the roof
  • Fire protection
  • Interior and exterior elements
  • Cost analysis and repair recommendations
  • Complete document review

There may be various other elements that also need to be inspected. However, these additional elements may be subject to certain types of buildings and not to all properties.


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