Do You Know the Secret of Cracking Competitive Exams?

Do You Know the Secret of Cracking Competitive Exams?

It is not always about attending coaching classes and studying for long hours but also about adhering to a foolproof study plan. While preparing for the competitive exam, you need to follow a rigid study regime that can bring you success. Sheer determination and persistence can help you channel through tough phases of the exam. However, make sure you use smart tactics to study for the upcoming competitive exams. We know that every candidate who is a novice to competitive exam preparation is heedless of the smart ways to study. Well, we have written this article especially for candidates who are eagerly searching for some suitable ways to prepare for competitive exams. 

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding cracking competitive exams. Some think that candidates who study for 17 hours continuously crack the exam while some think that only school/college toppers can crack the exam. If you also have the same opinion, then sadly you are completely wrong here. Your willingness to achieve your dreams decides your fate in the competitive exam. Also, you can seek help from an external source to ace competitive exam preparation. For example: If you are preparing for bank exams, then seek help from a reputable institute that can provide bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. Besides attending coaching classes, you need to devote ideal hours for self study as well. You can beef up your study sessions by following the tips and tricks given in this article. 

Do you know the secret of cracking a competitive exam? If not, then go through the tips given as follows:

Note that competitive exam preparation is completely different from conventional exams. You need to use some unique strategies while preparing for competitive exams. Here are some tips you can use to ace competitive exam preparation. 

1. Collect complete information of exam 

Note that every competitive exam is different. Every exam follows a different selection procedure. So, make sure you know the latest syllabus of the competitive exam you are going to appear for. Here are some of the sources to gather complete information of exam:

  • Official notification: Government releases official notification at least one month before exam. You need to read the official notification meticulously. 
  • Blogs: Read the blogs on competitive exams. You can gather a lot of information regarding competitive exams through blogs. 
  • Toppers talk: You can link with some candidates who have cleared the competitive exam. They can tell you exactly what can come in the exam. Their guidance can help you crack the exam in the first attempt. 

2. Follow a rewarding study plan 

After having in-depth knowledge of the exam, you need to make a rewarding study plan. You should make a study plan that suits you well. Make sure you are not copying others while making a study plan. Also, don’t forget to incorporate every stage of preparation in your strategy. Your study strategy must include the following things:

  • Subjects you need to study for a competitive exam.
  • Mandatory breaks for eating meals, drinking tea and sleeping. 
  • Coaching class time if any.
  • Time to travel. 
  • Revision time. 

3. Be regular with news

General awareness is an integral part of every competitive exam. Do you know what kind of questions are asked in the general awareness section? Questions regarding current affairs and static G.K. You need to keep yourself updated with current affairs by reading a newspaper daily. Also, you can follow a reliable news channel. There are various smartphone apps as well that can help you prepare effectively for the general awareness section. Some of the apps are: Current affairs app, News in shorts, MakeMyExam etc. 

4. Prepare for all stages of exam 

Generally, competitive exams have three stages: Prelims, mains and personal interview. You need to prepare regularly for all the stages of the exam. It is true that you can be promoted to the next stage of the exam only after clearing the initial stage. Thus, while preparing for the prelims stage, you need to cover the syllabus of mains as well. Also, don’t forget to prepare for the personal interview as well. It is imperative to crack all three stages if you want to secure a prestigious position in the department of government. 

5. Solve mock tests and previous year papers 

Mock tests are sample question papers that are made as per actual exam syllabus and pattern. You can solve these tests to brush up on your knowledge. There are numerous websites that can provide you with mock tests for free. It is advisable to solve some online mock tests to replicate the experience of the actual exam. You can spare at least two hours daily to solve mock tests. 

Additionally, go through previous year papers to have a clear idea of the level of the exam. Also, you can choose to solve some previous year papers to solve a variety of questions. The best part of solving previous year papers is that you’ll get to know about frequently asked questions in exams.  

6. Stay positive 

Positivity can help you reach the heights of success. It is highly important to ingrain positivity while preparing for the competitive exam. We understand that it is very hard to remain positive while preparing for the exam. So, you can use the following ways to inculcate optimistic attitude while preparing for the exam:

  • Read some motivational books.
  • Listen to inspirational podcasts at the beginning of day. 
  • Talk to cheerful people around you. 
  • Practice meditation for at least 10 minutes in a day. 

7. Join a coaching institute 

A coaching institute is a perfect place to prepare for the competitive exam. With the help of their teachers, you can complete the exam syllabus on time. Also, you can solve your queries and doubts with the help of their teachers. Just make sure you enrol yourself in an illustrious coaching institute. So, for which exam are you preparing? Is it the SSC exam? If yes, then don’t forget to join the finest institute that is adept in providing SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.


We hope the above-said tips can help you in cracking the competitive exam. Also, remember that your assiduousness can help you clear the exam in the first attempt.


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