Can You Search Public Records? In Most Cases

Can You Search Public Records? In Most Cases

The U.S is a big country but by means of the internet, it is getting smaller. We are able to interact with people all over the country for a million different purposes. It could be through social media or it could be strictly business.

As we have more reasons to engage with people from far away, there are times that we may want to verify or check certain things about those people. It’s not being nosey, it is taking caution and showing good sense. Thanks to freedom of information legislation you can search public records.

In this article, we’re going to talk you through the sorts of things you can search for and those that are still off-limits. Public information is there for your benefit, this article will help you see how that is true.

Types of Information Available

There is a lot you can learn from public records. For example, you can find out birth dates and cross-check with birth certificates.

A similar principle is true when verifying the death of an individual. You can track down death certificates. That might be useful if you were researching genetic illnesses in your family and wanted to know if there was a common cause of death in relatives.

Another important detail you may want to objectively verify is the marriage status of an individual. A person may not be with the ex-partner but are they actually divorced and legally free to remarry?

Through public records, you should be to track down marriage certificates and divorce papers. What you can find may vary from State to State but thanks to the internet, more and more of these records are available.

Demographics Based on Census

There may be numerous reasons you would want to research census data. For a school project, or for work purposes, you may want to understand large-scale data from the public. You can search for these public records for race and ethnicity.

Knowing the age distribution of the population could help inform strategic business decisions or even charity work. If you need to, you can take a bird’s eye view of the country or drill down to State-level data. However, you will not be able to check individual information as that remains confidential for decades after the census.

Search ForLicences

Another form of public information that is very useful and you may want to check is related to the issuance of licenses for business operations or professional licenses for individuals. Before engaging someone from a licensed profession, you are wise to check their credentials online.

Criminal Records

You can check criminal related records. For example, you can directly check the names and status of individuals in prison. As an example, click here for more information

It is also possible to check convictions in some states by researching with the court directly or online. Depending on the circumstances of the case and the court’s decision, the amount of personal information you find will vary. In some cases, you’ll find very little information which is a significant limitation.

You Can Search Public Records

In this article, you’ve read about how you can search public records. You would be amazed at home much information is now available. There are some limitations depending on the state you live in, and how well developed their IT infrastructure is, as well as the specific information you seek.

That said, if you’re tenacious you will be able to find out quite a lot. So use this resource as you need to. In the meantime, check out other great articles that match your interests on our site.


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