Best tips to learn paraphrasing for the IELTS exam

Best tips to learn paraphrasing for the IELTS exam

Sentences or phrases that use different terminology to communicate the same meaning are known as paraphrases. Although the logical definition of a para demands exact semantic similarity, linguistics accepts a broader, approximate equivalency, allowing for considerably more “quasi-para” examples. However, approximate equivalency is difficult to define. As a result, it’s impossible to characterise the phenomena of paraphrases as it’s recognised in linguistics. 

If you are planning to appear for the IELTS exam then we would advise you that paraphrasing is a must skill for you. You will be given a topic to discuss in the IELTS writing exam. Advertising, the value of choice, or the function of tourism in a country are all possibilities. As you write your essay, you’ll need to be able to discuss the issue using a variety of terms to demonstrate your lexis. There is no denying the fact that paraphrasing is the process of using different synonyms to discuss the same subject. It is an important talent to have, especially when writing introductions and conclusions. If you lack the right caliber to do paraphrasing in the right manner then enroll in the best IELTS online classes.

Here are few tips through which you can learn the skill of paraphrasing in the right manner: 

We truly understand that it might be quite tough for you to become efficient in paraphrasing in just a few days. Consider following the below-mentioned tips so that you will be able to work wonders in the coming IELTS exam. 

  • Synonyms must be completely accurate

The most common IELTS paraphrase mistake is for pupils to try to replace one word with another that has a different meaning. The beauty of English is that, since it has absorbed so many influences from various languages throughout the years, most words have multiple synonyms. However, while these various word choices contribute to the English language’s richness, they also make it perilous for kids. We also want to make sure that our paraphrase is accurate. To put it another way, we aim to keep it as brief as possible.

Choose the synonym that you believe is the most difficult. Choose the synonym that you believe is the most “academic.” Choose the terms that add the greatest significance to your sentence. As we tell my students all the time. This is one such technique that you can follow to achieve optimistic marks in the upcoming IELTS exam. If you find it extremely hard to grab this whole thing then without thinking further consider linking with the right platform providing the best PTE online classes.

  • It is okay to repeat the synonyms 

You must be thinking that you are not supposed to repeat the synonyms. However, this whole statement is somehow correct. But there is no hard and fast rule that if you repeat the keyword then you will lose the marks. It is acceptable to use synonyms repeatedly throughout your article. Similarly, it is perfectly acceptable to re-use synonyms in your essay. Although many English words have one or two good synonyms, just a handful have three or four.

As the examiners progress through marking an essay, they frequently notice that the synonyms become crazier as students strive to avoid using synonyms more than once. This is a blunder! So don’t think that every step you take will make you lose the marks. No, just talk to the right faculty and then you are good to go. They can give you the right guidance. Or else you can also consider enrolling in the reliable IELTS online classes.

  •  Prefer changing the form of a word to replacing 

We have been shocked by how few students take advantage of shifting word forms as a technique to paraphrase in recent years. Simply put, this entails turning a noun into an adjective or a verb. You won’t have to totally replace the word this way. Take a look at the word concerning “high sugar” from earlier. When using the term “sugary meal,” IELTS has modified the word form. If you’re having trouble coming up with synonyms, try making these small alterations. If you require clear cut assistance regarding this point for clearing the PTE exam then without further ado find the reliable institute offering the best PTE online classes.

  • Make use of a variety of strategies

It is possible to rely on one strategy to paraphrase in your writing, but it can be unpleasant and ineffective. Try at least two or three different techniques to get the greatest results. Synonyms, when combined with changes in grammar or word order, can dramatically improve your paraphrasing abilities. The more strategies you apply the more you enhance your chances of clearing the exam with flying colors. Learn the art of paraphrasing with the right guidance of a reliable source. So that you will not be able to face any type of problem in the coming time. Keep in mind that paraphrasing is the right strategy that can easily help you achieve optimistic marks in the IELTS exam.


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