6 Simple Tweaks to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

6 Simple Tweaks to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

Did you know your bedroom can affect the quality and quantity of sleep that you get? This can be the type of temperature, the bedding you use, the lighting, noise, and much more. Therefore, if you want to give yourself the best foundation for a good slumber or you want to overcome some sleep challenges that you have. Optimizing your bedroom environment will help you to get better sleep. What are some tweaks you can try in your bedroom space to enhance it for better sleep? As you read on, are 6 simple tweaks to make your bedroom better for sleep.


  1. Have a comfortable mattress


As part of the sleep equation, the mattress is a vital part. Plus, it is best to replace a mattress after at least 7 years of use or when you feel it is no longer comfortable. Therefore, if your mattress is past its prime, invest in a quality mattress in a box Australia to use as part of optimizing your bedroom for better sleep. Also, check your bed for any wear signs and listen to your body to know if you need a new bed as well. In case you feel like you wake up with pains and aches, it may mean your mattress lacks support.


  1. Block bothersome sounds 

Bothersome sounds can be a nearby snorer, television, neighbors, and many other things that make it hard to sleep well at night. Notably, they can also affect deep cycles of sleep even when you cannot recall waking up. Where you cannot control the noise, and it affects your sleep, try using a white noise machine or earplugs to doze off easily. Besides, this will come in handy if you have a snoring partner and you need relief from the snoring noise.


  1. Declutter your space 


If you do not eliminate clutter as often, it contributes to a disorganized space that is a distraction to your sleep. Hence you must take few minutes every day to declutter your bedroom and this little tweak will have a big impact on the aura it creates for your room. As an example, keep any paperwork in an office space or out of your sight. Keep dishes in the kitchen and not under your bed. Plus, use a closed hamper to keep your dirty clothes away.


  1. Cool it off

Have you ever felt it’s too hot to sleep? When the temperatures are warm, they will affect your sleep quality. The high temperature could be because your co-sharing the bed with someone, you have too many beddings, or the bedrooms’ temperature is too warm. For this reason, you can cool it off using an electric fan, ceiling fan, or opening windows when the temperatures at night are cool. Also, you can try different thermostat settings that are comfortable for you. If you are sleeping with your partner, consider what temperatures are best for them to find an optimal level for both of you.


  1. Keep electronics out


Among the many electronics that people love to have in the bedroom. The TV is not the only one that steals your sleep at night, but your phone, laptop, and other electronics are also contributors. Not only do the lights from these electronics affect your sleep. But going through your social media and checking work emails will only cause stress and keep your mind active instead of calming it down for sleep. The best way to try this tweak is to stop using electronics an hour before bed to give yourself time to wind down in preparation to sleep.


  1. Keep it dark

If you cannot have all the electronics out of your bedroom before you head to bed. Try turning them off or covering them. In case there is light coming from outside or you have to sleep past sunrise due to the type of work you do. Investing in black-out curtains can keep your room dark and help you sleep. If you have a challenge in blocking all light that is in your room, use a sleep mask to cover your eyes. Buy one with a comfortable fitting band and in breathable fabric like cotton.



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