5 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney

5 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney

If a person has a domestic relationship with a person and causes any harm or violence against him, it is termed domestic violence. Domestic violence is considered a brutal crime in Australia. Verbal abuse is also considered a crime if the words used fall under intimidation under the crimes act 2007. The Australian law has procedures and punishments the accused must deal with in case of such acquisitions. At such times, you need to consider a domestic violence lawyer, whether you are the victim or the accused.

In Australia, domestic violence and family violence cases are handled by the state and territory laws and court systems. Thus, if you are a resident of Sydney, you will have to deal with Sydney’s courts and strict regulations. However, if you have been falsely charged, domestic violence lawyers will help you get out of the situation with utmost power, knowledge and safety.

You should know that the maximum penalties for destroying or damaging properties during domestic violence in Sydney range from 2 years imprisonment and/or a $2200 fine to 12 years imprisonment and an $11000 fine. The punishments and sentences can be harsh, and you need the best layers in town for optimum results.

Here is how the domestic violence lawyers in Sydney can help-

To Build And Strategize Your Case.

Building the prepper case is very important. Your future depends on how you represent your side. You can always fight your case in court, but professional touch will help you. The domestic violence lawyer can help you collect evidence and important documents; they study and examine the police records and witnesses, etc. All these are important while formulating the defence strategy. Often, police records contain false and forged information, and an experienced lawyer will avoid all these mistakes and problems.

Effective Representation Of Case In The Court

The legal system and the procedures are very tricky and tedious. You want someone who understands criminal cases and the judicial system better. Domestic violence attorneys are professionals who have sufficient experience in these types of cases. As a result, these attorneys are your best option for results in your favour in court. The domestic violence cases in Sydney are transferred to the family violence court.For these offences of a common assault, the average term for imprisonment is 4.6 months in Sydney. You would need a reputed lawyer to lessen this. Domestic violence lawyers also have a solid knowledge of how the legal system works, which will benefit your case.

Save Time

When it comes to a court case, the clock is always ticking fast. Trying to get everything done on your own will take a long time. You wish to finish the court proceedings as soon as possible to return to your everyday life. Furthermore, such cases are complicated, and justice takes its time. You may be scared of any further abuse and require instant protection. Hire a domestic violence attorney to ensure the process is efficient and painless. The lawyer can admit you to a domestic abuse shelter to protect you from potential abuse.

Getting Financial Support For The Victim

A domestic violence victim is generally seen to be psychologically exhausted. Along with the counselling help, they also need financial support if they don’t have any for the time being. The lawyer will help you get the best possible deal by representing you before the judge. They will assist you in obtaining alimony from your spouse and get financial support for your children.

Uniting You with the Children.

A domestic violence case can get brutal regarding children and families. The court orders may not always be favourable for the children. They may not allow you to talk or meet your child until the case settles. However, hiring an attorney may reduce the time. The attorney will fight to keep your family secure and together. They even persuade the court to let you live with your kids.


The above points explain why you must consider a domestic violence lawyer. The case can be very complicated and time-consuming, and professional guidance is necessary to get your life back on track.



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